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AMMHL Suspension Guidelines

AMMHL follows Hockey Alberta minimum suspension guidelines.

2012-13 Bylaws & Regulations

Section A - Minor Hockey
(p. 56)

13.2.13 - The league is responsible for issuing/monitoring suspensions for league play only.

13.2.14 - All game sheets that have suspendable infractions must be faxed to the appropriate league representative by the specified time given by the appropriate league.

13.2.15 - When a suspension is incurred during league play, the suspension must be served in the next consecutive games, league play, tournament play, Provincials and Hockey Alberta sanctioned events.


AMMHL requires that all league game sheets be faxed or e-mailed within
24 hours of game completion - preferably by noon the following day.

2.2c - Team official who is party to or had knowledge of playing a Player not properly registered with that team or properly affiliated to that team and/or allowing a Team Official who is not properly registered to that team to participate on the bench - Indefinite (sent to Hockey Alberta)
2.2c -Team official who is party to or had knowledge of playing a player, or allows a Team Official to participate on the bench, who is under Suspension - Indefinite (sent to Hockey Alberta)

4.1 - Any Player involved where Majors, Game Misconducts, Gross Misconducts and Match Penalties are assessed - 2 Games
4.1 - Coach of a Team whose Players are so penalized - Indefinite
(sent to Hockey Alberta)

4.1 - Any Team involved in a pre or post game brawl - Indefinite
(sent to Hockey Alberta)

4.7 - Gross Misconducts - 2 Games

Players may not cross the center line during warm-ups or before the start of a period. In the case of a pre/post game incident the coach of the instigating team will be suspended. Suspensions to other players and coaches to be determined by the official referee report.

Minor = 2:00 penalty minutes
4.2e - A Game Ejection penalty shall be assessed to any Player that incurs a total of three (3) or more stick infraction penalties during the same game. For the purpose of this rule, only high sticking, cross-checking, slashing, butt-ending and spearing are considered stick infractons. Players penalized under this rule shall be ordered to the dressing room for the remainder of the game.
3 Stick Penalties - Game Ejection (no additional suspension)

Major = 5:00 penalty minutes
4.4a - Any player, goaltender or Team Official incurring a Major Penalty
shall be assessed a Game Misconduct penalty, shall be ordered to the dressing room for the remainder of the game, and shall be reported to the President for further action. - Game Removal plus possible suspension
4.4 - There are Major Penalties plus Game Misconduct at any time during a game that will result in an Automatic Suspension (e.g. Head Contact, Check from Behind, Fighting, etc.) - 1 Game

Misconduct = 10:00 penalty minutes
4.5c - Any Player who is assessed a second Misconduct penalty in the same game shall automatically be assessed a Game Misconduct penalty.

GAME MISCONDUCT (Last 10 Minutes)
Game Misconduct = 10:00 penalty minutes
Hockey Alberta Regulation 13.4 (p. 75)
4.6c - In all Minor Hockey, any Player or Team Official who is assessed a Minor Penalty and a Game Misconduct or a Major and a Game Misconduct or any other infraction resulting in a Game Misconduct or Gross Misconduct penalty, that occurs in the last ten (10) minutes of play of regular time or any overtime, or at the conclusion of the game and prior to the Player or Team Official entering his/her dressing room, shall automatically be suspended for a minimum of the next regular League/Playoff/Pre-Season/Tournament/Provincials Game. This is in addition to any other suspensions directed by Hockey Alberta Minor Hockey Minimum Suspensions. - Game Removal plus 1 Game

Gross Misconduct = 10:00 penalty minutes
4.7a - Any player or Team Official incurring a Gross Misconduct shall be ordered to the dressing room for the remainder of the game and shall be reported to the President for further action. A substitute for the penalized player shall be permitted immediately. - Game Removal plus 2 Games
4.7b - A Gross Misconduct penalty shall be assessed any player or team official who conducts themselves in a manner as to make a travesty of the game

Match = 5:00 penalty minutes
4.8a - Any player or Team Officicial incurring a Match Penalty shall be ordered to the dressing room immediately, for the balance of the game, and will not be permitted to take part in any further games until his case has been dealt with by the President. - Game Removal (plus further suspension)
4.8b - In every instance where a Match penalty has been assessed, the offending player's team shall be required to send a player to the penalty box for five (5) minutes. The player who serves the five minutes must have been on the ice at the time of the infracton.
Note: Referees are required to report all Match penalties and the surrounding circumstances to the President immediately following the game involved.

MATCH PENALTY (Physical Fouls)
6.1a Match - Deliberate injury - Indefinite (sent to Hockey Alberta)
6.1b Match - Head-butting - 2 Games
6.1c Match - Kicking - 3 Games
6.1d Match - Hair Pulling - 2 Games
6.1d Match - Grabbing the Facemask, Helmet, Chin Strap - 2 Games
6.1e Match - Facial Protector as a weapon - 3 Games
6.1f Match - Butt-ending, Spearing - 3 Games
6.1f Match - Slashing, High Sticking, Cross Checking - 3 Games

6.4a Major - Checking from behind where a five (5) minute major penalty plus a Game Misconduct is assessed - 1 Game
6.4b Match - Checking from behind (when Match penalty is assessed) - 4 Games

6.5a Major - Head Contact where a five (5) minute major penalty plus a Game Misconduct is assessed - 1 Game
6.5b Match - Head Contact when Match penalty is assessed - 4 Games

6.7a - Major - 1 Game
If Major occurs in final 10 minutes - 2 Games
6.7b(1) - Instigator or aggressor of a fight:
1st Offence - 1 Game
2nd Offence - 2 Games
3rd Offence - 3 Games
6.7e Match - Any player wearing a ring or rings, tape or other material on his/ her hands, who becomes involved in a fight and who uses such to gain an advantage or to inflict punishment and/or injury, shall be assessed a Match Penalty in addition to any other penalties he/she may occur - 2 Games
6.7h - Third man in a fight, Game Misconduct - 2 Games
6.7gh - Any Player receiving a second fighting Major penalty during the same stoppage of play, Game Misconduct - 2 Games

9.5 - Coach of team whose Player is penalized under the rule - 3 Games
9.5b - Player identified as first to leave the players bench during a fight or for the purpose of fighting, Double Minor + Game Misconduct- 3 Games
9.5b,d - Leaving the Penalty Box as above,
Triple Minor + Game Misconduct - 3 Games
9.5c - Coach whose Player is not identified as the first to leave the players or penalty bench during an on-ice altercation, Game Misconduct - 1 Game

9.2a - Verbal abuse of Officials, Game Misconduct (zero tolerance) - 2 Games
9.2f - Verbal taunts, insults or intimidation based on discriminatory grounds (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language) when a Gross Misconduct is assessed - Indefinite (sent to Hockey Alberta)
9.6a Match - Match on a official - Indefinite (sent to Hockey Alberta)
9.6a Match - Threaten or attempt to strike - 1 Month
9.6b Match - Intentionally touches, holds or pushes - 3 Months
9.6c Match - Intentionally strike, trip or body check - 1 Year

9.7 Match - Spitting on an official - 8 Games
9.7 Match - Spitting on an opponent - 3 Games

10.14 - Coach/Team Official refuses to start play - Indefinite
(sent to Hockey Alberta)

Any Hockey Canada player, coach or other official who is under suspension by the Hockey Canada branch league or Minor Hockey Association is suspended from any and all involvement in Hockey Canada sanctioned games. Any individual under such suspension who does participate in any Hockey Canada activities will be subject to discipline by Hockey Canada or the member Branch, League or Minor Hockey Association.


13.2.16 - If a suspension overlaps into tournaments, Provincials, or Hockey Alberta sanctioned events, the League Representative must notify the Zone Manager of Operations or their designate.

13.2.17 - Exhibition games do not count as suspended games. Players cannot play exhibition games while serving a suspension.

13.2.18 - In the case of an Indefinite Suspension incurred during League play, the League representative must notify the appropriate Zone Manager of Operations.

13.2.19 - The league representative will issue a suspension notice. A suspension notice will be displayed on the league website suspensions page or if necessary, further details sent via e-mail.

A suspension notice must specify:

i) Number of Games
ii) Which games are to be served (i.e. League play, tournament play, provincial play, or Hockey Alberta sanctioned events
iii) The League Appeal process
iv) The Player/team official must not participate in any hockey games until a written suspension notice is received.

13.2.20 - Any infraction that involves a player/coach, on a referee or linesman (Rule 9.6 and 9.7) are handled by Hockey Alberta Provincial Match Penalty

13.2.21 - No suspended Player or Team Official is allowed on the bench, in the timekeepers/penalty box, dressing rooms and within fifty (50) feet of the players bench during the game.

13.2.22 - If a league suspension extends into tournament games, Provincials or Hockey Alberta Sanctioned Events, the League President, or their designate, is responsible for notifying the Zone Manager of Operations, or their designate.

13.2.23 - Any Player incurring a suspendable infraction with either his/her registered Team or affiliated Team is suspended from participating in any sanctioned hockey game until the suspension is served with the Team they are registered with. If that Team is finished hockey for the season, this Player would be allowed to serve such a suspension with his/her affiliated Team.

13.2.24 - Any Team Official registered with more than one (1) Hockey Team who incurs a suspension, is ineligible to particpate in any sanctoned hockey game until the suspension has been served with the Team with which the suspension was incurred.

13.2.25 - Suspended Player/Team Officials must be noted on the game sheet during the games comprising the suspensions. (SUS = Suspension)